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The unpaid, volunteer CTID Board of Directors and Advisory Board to City Council, as of July 2016

They work closely with Executive Director Todd Little on strategic plans to attract conventions, community outreach/communication and administrative compliance.

    • Claudia Ludlow (Elected 2013) – CHAIR
    • General Manager, Glorietta Bay Inn
    • Andre Zotoff (Elected 2013) – VICE-CHAIR, Vice-President
    • General Manager, Hotel del Coronado
    • Sue Gillingham (Elected 2016) – SECRETARY
    • Representative, Coronado Chamber of Commerce.
    • Nusrat Mirza (Elected 2014) 
    • General Manager, Coronado Island Marriott Resort
    • Sean Clancy (Elected 2015) – TREASURER
    • Managing Director, Loews Coronado Bay Resort
    • Eddie Warner (Elected 2010)
      Representative, Coronado MainStreet Ltd. and Owner, Holland’s and Bikes & Beyond
    • Janet Francis, (Elected 2016)
    • Representative, Coronado Historical Association and Coronado Visitor Center
    • Bobby Kennedy, At-Large Member (Elected 2016)
    • Owner, Kennedy Publishing
    • Past Service
                        Holly Ansley, Glorietta Bay Inn 2010
                        Dave Landon, Coronado Chamber of Commerce 2010-2011
                        Kathleen Cochran, Vice-Chair, Loews Coronado Bay Resort 2010-2011
                        Courtenay McGowen, Secretary, Coronado Historical Assoc./Visitor Center, 2010-2012
                        Camille Gustafson, Glorietta Bay Inn, 2010-2013
                        Todd Shallan, Chairman, Hotel del Coronado, 2010-2013
                        Tim Herrmann, Vice-Chair, Coronado Island Marriott Resort, 2010-2013
                        Brian Johnson, Chairman, Loews Coronado Bay Resort, 2011-2013
                        Denise Schwab, Secretary, Coronado Chamber of Commerce, 2011-2014
                        Brian Johnson, Secretary, Loews Coronado Bay Resort 2014-2015
                        Cindy Anderson, Coronado Chamber of Commerce, 2015-2016
                        Mary Ann Berta, Treasurer, At-Large Member, 2010-2016, Owner, In Good Taste, LaMer, Tartine
                        David Spatafore, At-Large Member, 2010-2016, Owner, Village Pizzeria, MooTime Creamery,
                        Lil’ Piggy’s, Leroy’s Kitchen & Lounge, Coronado Coffee
                        Phil Monroe, Coronado Historical Association and Coronado Visitor Center, 2012-2016

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